NEW: Tape it easy!

The new SAX Table-Tapedispenser

Did your home basically grow into a parcel dispatch center during the last months? Then SAX is helping you out! With our new tape dispenser “Tape It Easy”, packing parcels, wrapping gifts or returning orders will be much easier!

With its weight of 1,8kg and the non-skid baseplate, it doesn’t only stand wherever you want it, it also enables you to use it with only one hand. The core is separated into two parts, which means you can either use two 25mm tapes or one 50mm tape (which also is included). You can also set it to different heights, depending on what’s more comfortable for you. Speaking of comfort: the blade will last a lifetime! To round everything up, you can also use the rear pencil compartment to organize your workspace!

Tape-It-Easy: the perfect heavy duty companion for office and home!

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The new SAX design line!

We make everyday office life more COLOURFUL!

The new SAX design line takes a completely new and refreshing approach that is definitely worth looking at.

It is not only young and stylish, but also refreshing and a bit playful in a way. The portfolio includes stapler and hole punch, as well as a tape dispenser and pen pots. All of these are offered in four trendy colours: magenta, light blue, light green and orange.

Boring office tools are a thing of the past – the brand new range with its refreshing design and superior quality attracts everyone's attention and ensures long-term enjoyment of work.

Of course, these tools comply with the SAX brand's high quality standards and come with the usual 10-year SAX guarantee.

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